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Our services are here to help you transition to renewable energy and serve your existing solar systems. 

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Energy Audit and Sytem Design

Our process starts with meeting with you and discussing your needs. Our consultants are solar experts and will be able to accurately measure how much energy your home uses and point out if there's any places you could easily save money by making a few changes. After the energy audit, your consultant will explain how much you'll be saving with a customized solar system built specifically for your home.


We're local, so when it comes to doing business we do our best to keep it local. We work with the best Bakersfield has to offer for our financing options. SOL ENERGY gives you different options so we can make owning your power affordable.

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SOL ENERGY is proud to have our own installation team. We control everything so no one else but us will be on your roof. The install team will work with our engineers to make sure the system that was designed for your home will withstand all that nature throws at it and lasts a lifetime. 


The SOL ENERGY team will be your team for life. Our Solar Maintenance Pros will make sure your panels are always running efficiently with scheduled panel cleanings. You'll be able to know exactly how your system is performing with our Know True-Up app. Easily keep track of your panels' production, but if you don't want to check everyday, our team will also monitor the production of your panels and keep true-ups away for life!

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